Is this your shed?

If your shed is not in good condition consider this.

Standard Designs to Suit Everyones Needs

Zshedz are constructed inside our facility in all kinds of weather.

The most popular size 8ft x 12ft and does not require a building permit. Standard size of 6ft x 8ft, 8ft x 8ft and 8ftx10ft are common and easier to transport in one piece.

Finished product with a roll-up door and separate entrance door.

Buildings delivered in pieces are assembled on site in one or two days depending on the size of the building and the weather.


5/8 Spruce Plywoood

2x4 Floor Framing at 12 inch on centre

3-4x4 pressure treated suupport beams


7ft wall height

7/16 aspenite

2x3 wall framing at 16inch on centre


Prefabricated trusses

25 yr asphat shingles (3 tabs)


Insulated Steel doors-32-34 or 36 inches increments

Roll up garage type door 4 or 5ft sizes

14 inch side panels doors


Vinyl fixed glass 12 inches x 36 inches